Development of a pizzeria management system and client applications.

Pizzeria management systems and client applications have been developed. The management system allows you to configure the available menu and work schedule of all outlets, flexibly adjust the optionality of products, promotions, promo codes, various filters. For automatic distribution of orders by points of sale, it is possible to configure the binding of all streets and districts of the city to certain pizzerias. The main task of this system is the prompt processing of incoming orders and tracking the status of their execution.

The website for customers and mobile applications allow users to see the current menu and promotional offers, to carry out orders with the possibility of online payment. For quick access to your favorite products, CLIENTS can add them to favorites. Users can choose any available option and customize the ingredients for pizzas. Each user has access to a personal account where they can manage their profile and track current and past orders.
  • .net core
  • react
  • postgresql
  • c#
  • typescript
  • JS
  • swift
  • kotlin