System of decision support based on system-dynamic modeling

The platform of system-dynamic modeling is developed. On the basis of the platform, a service was developed for forecasting the financial and economic activity of the enterprise on the basis of the prepared system-dynamic models and the methodology of the system of balanced indicators (strategic maps). Models of system dynamics are based on the mathematical apparatus of systems of differential equations from time. Systems of equations are solved by numerical Runge-Kutta methods. A module for selecting the optimal set of parameters of the system-dynamic model by a given criterion based on the genetic algorithm is developed.

The platform is intended for professionals and decision-makers on the following activities:
  • Business planning
  • Development of a balanced scorecard
  • Quantitative analysis of strategic maps of the balanced scorecard system
  • Business Counseling
  • Management of risks.
  • Control of the level of accounts receivable
  • Attracting buyers in the process of multi-stage negotiations
  • Accounts receivable by category
  • Assessment of the impact of admission and adaptation of new employees for the duration of the project
  • R language
  • JS
  • 1C:Enterprise 8.3