Web and mobile development

For web application development, we use the back-end ASP.NET MVC / Core or Java, depending on customer preferences. For your projects or if you have a choice, we prefer .NET.

For front-end, we can explore and use any libraries. The main expertise and most of our projects are performed on: Angular, React and Ext.NET.

We only use Swift to develop iOS apps. For Android, we make native applications on Kotlin.

Machine learning

We have expertise in classical machine learning - we can classify text with high accuracy and expertise in deep machine learning - we can set different types of neural networks to classify textural images (scrap iron, garbage, plates of various materials, paper, etc).

Our developed robot-router of calls to the support line by e-mail and a chat bot for routing calls works successfully at the customer (biggest metall production company in Russia) for already 3 years.

We develop chat bots on current modern platforms, we have expertise in DialogFlow and Just AI platforms.

Web-service for automatic classification and routing of e-mails arriving on technical support line using various methods of machine learning. There is integration with various ITSM systems through the API.

Chat-bot for processing calls to the technical support line. The chat-bot automatically determines which operation it is necessary to perform to process the user's request and forward it to the right person in the process of interactive communication with users.

Expert system of the technical support «zero» line for finding solutions based on a set of symptom problems. The system finds the most probable solutions to problems based on the symptoms of the problem indicated in the user’s calls.

We use various algorithms of machine learning, including deep learning. There is integration mechanism with various ITSM systems of customers via API. The product is implemented as a web application and can be deploy on our cloud servers or customer's localc servers.

Our clients about the results of our work

«... This system (AI) allows you to classify incoming calls and makes it better than a person ...»
«... In the four months of work, Gog classified an unmistakably 92% of hits ...»