Remote accounting service

The “Cifra” system has been developed that allows you to transfer and receive accounting and tax documents accurately and quickly, communicate with a highly qualified accountant and lawyer, and solve problems in a short time. The app is available for Android and iOS devices users.

With the help of the mobile application “Cifra” there is interaction between the client and the specialist. All communication takes place in real time via the application or by phone. Documents for processing are downloaded using the camera on the smartphone. Also, if it’s not convenient to use the application via a smartphone, you can work with the application in the browser.

The system provides for two-stage control: 1-automatic and 2-human. At the first stage, thanks to modern data analysis technologies, violations of control ratios are tracked and errors in the documentation are quickly detected. After the accountant analyzes the final figures for the optimality of taxation and possible consequences for the future. If necessary the accountant gives recommendations.
  • Apache
  • iOS
  • Yii Framework