Web applications development. We use PHP, Python, .NET


Mobile applications development. We use Java for Android and Swift for iOS


Research and development in simulation modeling, data analysis and machine learning

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Chat-bot Gosha for handling calls of the technical support line

Chat-bot Gosha is for processing calls to the technical support line. The chat-bot automatically determines which operation it is necessary to perform to process the user's request and forward it to the right person in the process of interactive communication with users.

Cloud service of automation of competitions and carrying out of examinations

Cloud service to automate the collection of bids and examinations. The service was implemented in the Skolkovo Foundation and in the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in the scientific and technical sphere.

Remote accounting service

Cloud service for remote accounting and tax accounting. Work with customers is conducted through a developed web portal and mobile clients on Android and iOS.

Mobile application for residents of housing complex “Course” for the management of apartment data

Application for obtaining information about the process of building houses, viewing layouts and photos of apartments, as well as provide communication between clients and managers of the company, for residents: taking testimony of housing and communal services and other technologies of "Smart Home".

Goga. Classifier of emails arriving on the technical support line

Service Goga for automatic classification and routing of emails arriving on technical support line using various methods of machine learning. There is integration with various ITSM systems through the API.

Service of booking cottages and small accommodation facilities in Karelia and Finland

The service of booking cottages, guest houses and other small accommodation facilities. The service was developed in cooperation with the Finnish company Karelia Expert Matkailupalvelu Oy.

The system of intellectual analysis of the activity of trade enterprises

A data mining system for data clustering, association search, classification and analysis of time series from OLAP data cubes for trading companies and online stores.

Online store warehouse automation system based on QR codes

Mobile system of accounting of goods chains from coming to the warehouse before shipment to the buyer and after-sales service using QR codes.

Automatic site translation service

The system automatically translates sites, with the insertion of JS code in the site, with the choice of machine translation, own translation or translation by a professional translator.

System of decision support based on system-dynamic modeling

Service for forecasting financial and economic activity of the enterprise on the basis of the prepared system-dynamic models and methodology of the system of balanced indicators (strategic maps).

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  • Web applications development using .NET, PHP and Python
  • Research and development in the field of data analysis and machine learning
  • Mobile applications development using Java for Android and Swift for iOS
We have own machine learning product line, it is implemented in the largest companies in Russia and also we make different web and mobile applications for Customers.

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Director - Semenov Igor, Ph.D
E-mail - iosemenov@gmail.com