With the help of a mobile application, potential clients view the information about the complex in a convenient and structured way: they have a description, photo, layout of the apartments. The application is also a convenient way to book an apartment and contact the managers of the company if necessary.

A distinctive feature of this application is the use of technology “Smart House”. Due to this tenants can receive the testimony of all the meters from their apartment directly to their smartphone. It is also possible to view the camera on the mobile phone from the stairwells of its entrance, in order to know at any moment what is happening in the house.

The application is available to users of mobile phones based on Android and iOS.

  • Technologies:
    • Android Java
    • iOS Swift
Barents Groups
The company "Barents Group" is the largest in the market of construction of residential and commercial estate in Karelia. The use of modern approaches to cost management allows the company to offer favorable conditions for the purchase of real estate and meet the Nordic quality standards. Over the years, the company has implemented many projects with a total area of more than 100,000 m2 and cost more than 5 billion rubles.
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