The software product “Goga” is designed for automatic classification and routing of e-mails arriving at the support line. When a letter arrives to the Goga support line, it determines which service is needed to satisfy the user’s request and sends the letter to the support group that provides the service. Algorithms for machine learning are used for classification. The system is trained on the data accumulated over several years of user service. The product is organized as a web service. The exchange of data with the OMNITRACKER system is realized.

The product is implemented into OMK-Information Technologies.

  • Technologies:
    • SOAP
    • JS
    • IIS
    • MySQL
    • Python
    • Oracle
United Metallurgical Company
One of the largest Russian manufacturers of metal products for leading energy, transport and industrial companies. OMK is a comprehensive supplier of products for the production and transportation of gas and oil to more than 30 countries. It produces pipes for various purposes, railway wheels, sheet metal, piping fittings, pipeline fittings, springs. Among the main consumers of OMK products are leading Russian and foreign companies: Gazprom, Russian Railways, LUKOIL, AK Transneft, Surgutneftegaz, Rosneft, Sibur, ExxonMobil, RoyalDutch / Shell, GeneralElectric , Samsung, KamAZ, GAZ, MAZ and others.
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